Riesco Gallery

Earthenware model of a kneeling woman, AD 700 - 800, from the Riesco Collection of Chinese ceramics.

Lower Ground floor, Croydon Clocktower


Welcome to the Riesco Gallery where you can see Croydon's Bronze Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon collections, as well as over 200 items from the Riesco Collection of Chinese ceramics.

During your visit you will see some of the oldest and most beautiful objects in our collections. Together they give a fascinating insight into ancient world cultures, the long history of human settlement in the Croydon area, Europe and China, as well as something about the universal human desire to create, use and collect amazing things.

The main display features objects from 4,500 years ago to the beginning of the 20th century, while the central case focusses on key objects and themes in the collections and the fascinating stories behind them. Our current 'Bones of Croydon' display, features the almost complete skeleton of an Anglo-Saxon, dicovered in Riddlesdown in 2014.

If you're visiting with children, you can enjoy finding out about these collections together through dressing-up, hands-on activities, reading books and activity sheets. We also run an events programme for all ages. Please see our 'What's On' page to find out more.

Local schools can use the new displays to support teaching & learning about Britain during the Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods, as well as the study of other world cultures, religious education art and design. Find out more about our learning programme for schools.

If you want to find out more about these important local collections and archaeological discoveries in Croydon, you can visit our Research Room, which is next door to the Riesco Gallery and open at the same times.

See our 'Visit Us' page for opening times and where to find us.

We hope you enjoy the new displays and look forward to welcoming you to our galleries soon.