First World War Centenary, 2014-18

Logo of the Frist World War Centenary Partnership, led by IWM.The Museum of Croydon is part of the First World War Centenary Partnership, which is led by the Imperial War Museum.

Between 2014 to 2018 we will be delivering and supporting a range of projects which help people to understand the impact of the First World War on Croydon and commemorate and remember the lives of those who lived, fought and died in this global conflict.

1918 - 2018 projects

The Armistice and Peace Day

The Museum of Croydon opened 100 years... Peace, Protest, Conflict in April 2018 followed by the Art of Peace, Protest, Conflict in May. Both these exhibitions focus on Croydon's part in the War and will be open until after the Armistice centenary in November 2018.

On November 9 2018 the Museum of Croydon organised the very first Clocktower Late along with Croydon Library, Clocktower Cafe and David Lean Cinema.

We screened The Battle of the Ancre Advance of the Tanks in the cinema, held poetry readings and showed a display of knitted First World War dolls in the library and organised live music in the cafe. We also invited local schools to create a poppy display and worked with the library ambassadors to create a poppy banner for display.

The evening showcased the work we have carried out concerning the original Roll of Honour for Croydon completed in 1921. Since 2014 we have researched the names on the Roll and hoped to create a list that was accurate based on Commonwealth War Graves listings.

As part of the evening we unveiled a sound installation of over 3,000 names listed read out by staff at the Museum and actors, we also had a visual installation featuring about 540 photocards from the original First World War collection. This was made in conjunction with Digital Drama and created by an artist called Ben Bull.

Keep an eye on our twitter page for more information about where this installation will be available in the future.

If there is a name you believe should be listed on the Croydon Roll of Honour that currently isnt please email with the details.

1917 - 2017 projects

Remembering Passchendaele

The Museum of Croydon created a pop up exhibition about Passchendaele and Croydon's part in this campaign.

1916 - 2016 projects

Conscientious objectors in Croydon

We have developed a set of resources for teaching and learning about Conscientious Objectors in Croydon:
Download the 'Conscientious Objectors from Croydon in the First World War' teachers' pack
Download the 'Conscientious Objectors from Croydon in the First World War' student workbook

1915 - 2015 projects

Zeppelin Raid on Croydon

We developed a learning resource for Croydon schools on the Zeppelin raid of 13 October 1915 contact our learning team on for more information.

1914 - 2014 projects

Our 'First World War: Stories of Croydon' exhibition, which was co-curated by students from St Joseph's College, is on display until January 2015.

Photographs of the Herbert brothers from the Croydon Roll of Honour.

Photograph showing the Croydon Roll of Honour photographs of the Herbert brothers.

Follow us on Twitter @MuseumofCroydon to see what happened in Croydon during the war years through contemporary newspaper reports and personal correspondence. We will also particularly remember the sacrifice of Croydon residents whose names are recorded in 'The Croydon Roll of Honour' on the 100th anniversary of their death.

In 2014, we have introduced a new object and document handling session, which has been developed to support teaching and learning about the First World War in local schools and community groups. For more details please see our Services for Schools page.

Throughout the commemorative period, we will be supporting numerous community led projects. In 2014, we are supporting the London Mozart Players' Hidden Croydon project which will lead to an exhibition to accompany their performance of 'For An Unknown Soldier' at Fairfield Halls in November 2014.

If you want to find out more about the impact of the First World War on Croydon, or are planning a First World War commemorative event in Croydon, please visit the Museum of Croydon Research Room at Croydon Clocktower, where you will find a range of resources to support you.