Museum of Croydon Galleries, 1800 - NOW

1800 - 1899 gallery of the Museum of Croydon.

Ground floor, Croydon Clocktower


The Museum of Croydon Galleries tell the story of Croydon from 1800 to the present day. Over 250 objects are beautifully displayed and interpreted through the voices of local people.

Originally opened in 1995 as Lifetimes, the galleries were completely re-developed with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund between 2004 and 2006. The new galleries were designed by architects FAT and re-opened in September 2006. They won the FX International Interior Design Awards: Best museum & gallery, 2007.

For opening times and access information for this gallery please see our 'Visit Us' page.

What you will see on your visit

Follow the story of Croydon from 1800 to Now.

Outside the entrance to the galleries is an introductory area which will help you find out what you will see on your visit.

Choose to enter the galleries through the 'Then' door to travel from 1800 to the present day or travel backwards through time by entering through the 'Now' door.

Once in the galleries, follow the timeline to get an overview of how Croydon changed from a small, but important, market town in 1800 to the second most populous borough in London.

The objects and stories in the five main display areas, add fascinating detail to the timeline story and show how individual's lives and experiences are influenced by, and help shape, history.

1800 1899     1900 1938     1939 1959     1960 1979     1980 - Today

Each area of the gallery contains five, touchscreen kiosks, which you can use to find our more about the objects and listen to the stories connected with them, as well as a hands-on interactive.

You will also visit the Croydon Now display which changes every four months to show current objects, issues and community work.