LGBT histories in the Museum of Croydon

Discover the lives of Croydon lesbians and gay men as Croydon Celebrates LGBT History

Roger Fisher and Ron Strank on holiday in America

LGBT stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans. The LGBT History trail through the Museum of Croydon highlights the LGBT presence in, and contribution to, Croydon's history.

Our trail begins with scientist Henry Havelock Ellis' studies of sexuality in 1896 and continues up to today. Not all of the objects and stories you will discover are about sexuality or gender. As well as representing Croydon's LGBT community, the Museum of Croydon seeks to include LGBT stories in the mainstream of our shared history.

There are two ways to follow the trail: , pick up an LGBT history trail leaflet and see the objects and stories in the gallery; or download the leaflet below and search for the objects and listen to the stories online.

Museum of Croydon LGBT History Trail

Important note re. our LGBT History Trail leaflet: our opening times have changed since the publication of our trail. Please see our '' page for current opening times and access information.

Croydon Celebrates LGBT History logo

The Museum of Croydon aims to reflect the lives of all communities in Croydon. We are aware that we currently under-represent Croydon's historic and contemporary Bisexual and Trans communities. If you would be interested in sharing your life story with us to help address this, please Contact Us.

To find out about how Croydon Council supports LGBT History Month and see a list of events for LGBT History Month in Croydon, please visit Croydon Council's LGBT History Month page.

For a list of LGBT organisations and events in Croydon, please visit the LGBT Croydon website.