What is Croydon? Surrey Town, Mini-Manhattan or Edge City?

Series of three images representing Croydon as a Surrey Town (by W. T. Winter), Mini-Manhattan (by Frazer Ashford) and as an Edge City.

Croydon is changing and we want to know what you think and feel about what those changes mean to you.

Logo of the What is Croydon? exhibition at Croydon Clocktower, August 2017.You can add your thoughts in person by visiting Croydon Clocktower, or join in the virtual debate on Instagram and send us your photos and ideas using #croydonis

Image credits:

Detail from 'Crown Hill, Croydon', 1883 by W. T. Winter. Image courtesy of Museum of Croydon.

Detail from 'Wellesley Road, Croydon' by Frazer Ashford. Image used with permission, www.frazerashford.com