'Bones of Croydon' exhibition
Saturday 4 March 2017 -

Get up close and personal with one of the earliest known Croydonians.

Logo of the 'Bones of Croydon' exhibition, Riesco Gallery, 4 March 2017 - January 2018.In 2014, human remains were discovered during building works beneath the driveway of a family home in Riddlesdown. The police were called and a sample of the bones was sent to a laboratory in Florida for carbon dating.

The results showed that the bones dated from AD 670 - 775, meaning that this person lived and was buried in the Croydon area during Anglo-Saxon times (AD 410 - 1066).

Subsequently, the remains of an almost complete adult skeleton, along with the incomplete leg bone of a 'sub-adult', were accessioned into the Museum of Croydon's collections. In 2016, we commissioned a 'Human bone report' to find out more about these skeletons and what they could tell us about the Anglo-Saxon period. This was conducted by Dr Rebecca Redfern at the Museum of London's Centre for Human Bioarchaeology.

The ‘Bones of Croydon’ exhibition, displays the human remains recovered from this site along with a selection of Anglo-Saxon archaeological finds from elsewehere in the Borough, giving an insight into life and burial practices in Croydon over 1,200 years ago.

The name ‘Croydon’ has been suggested as Anglo-Saxon in origin, derived from ‘Croh denu’ meaning crocus valley. Over the past hundred years and more, evidence of Croydon's Anglo-Saxon history has been discovered from several Anglo-Saxon burial sites, some of which is included in this exhition.

The three main known Anglo-Saxon sites, at Lion Green Road, Riddlesdown Road and Park Lane / Edridge Road, were included in Historic England's Archaeological Priority Areas in Croydon report. With potential future excavation and research at these sites more Anglo-Saxon history in Croydon could still be uncovered...

Logo of the 'Bones of Croydon' exhibition, Riesco Gallery, 4 March 2017 - January 2018.

'Bones of Croydon'
Riesco Gallery, Croydon Clocktower
Saturday 4 March 2017 -
Tuesday - Saturday, 10.30am - 5pm (except public holidays)
Free entry

Please be aware and respect that human remains are on display in this exhibition.

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