Discover and Explore for Arts Award at the Museum of Croydon.

The logo of the 'Arts Award Supporter' campaign.There are lots of ways you can enjoy, experience and take part in the arts at the Museum of Croydon.

Our galleries themselves were designed by architects 'FAT {Fashion, Architecture, Taste}' and graphic designers 'A Practice for Everyday Life'. In 2007, the newly re-opened, HLF funded galleries were awarded the FX Awards: Best Museum or Exhibition Space.

Once inside the galleries, you can explore a wide variety of art forms and listen to the stories of the people that produced them:

Hailku poem for the 1800 - 1899 gallery, by Malika Booker, 2006: 'mud-crusted skirts drag, women's coarse hands rubbed raw, the wind changes course.'Poetry and illustration - Listen to contemporary poet Malika Booker sum up the spirit of every chronological period, through her evocative haikus written especially for us in 2006. Or look for Cicely Mary Barker's famous 'Flower fairies...' series of books from the 1920s.

Detail of Vasu's Kathakali mask.Music and dance - Find out about musicians as diverse as the 19th century composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Ray Burns, better known as 'Captain Sensible' of the punk band The Damned. Hear the stories of practitioners such as Aubrey Bryan, who made steel pans and taught local children to play them, and the Kathakali dancer Vasu Pillai, whose beautiful costume is on display in the gallery.

Detail from 'Croydon Courageous', 1945-6 by Norman Partridge (1921 - 2003).Visual art - See original artwork by Norman Partridge, who painted 'Croydon Courageous' in 1945-6 as a tribute to the wartime emergency services, and Bridget Riley, who was born in Norwood and taught at Croydon School of Art in the early 1960s.

Intrigued and inspired? You should be because, as you can see, Croydon has a long and proud history of involvement in the arts and that's just a small selection of what's on offer in one gallery. If you love ancient art and ceramics, don't miss the Riesco Gallery and our Exhibition Gallery showcases changing displays of paintings, drawings and prints from the Croydon Art Collection, as well as annual shows by Croydon Art Society, one of Britain's oldest groups with some distinguished members past and present.

So visit the Museum of Croydon to 'Discover' and 'Explore' the art that's all around you. Use our galleries as the inspiration for the start of your artistic journey which could become a lifelong passion and even earn you a living one day.

In 2017, we became an Arts Award Supporter and over the next 3 years we will be developing ways in which you can achieve an Arts Award through the Museum of Croydon.

If you want to find out more about how the Museum of Croydon can be used to help you enjoy the arts and achieve an Arts Award, then please visit our galleries, take part in our activities programme or, if you want to know even more or work with us to support Arts Award, please get in touch.

We hope you enjoy beginning and developing your artistic journey at the Museum of Croydon.