What are we doing behind the scenes?

Cover of the Museum of Croydon Activity plan 2017-18

We are currently compiling the 2018-19 activity plan and will be publishing it shortly.

In 2017-18, we want to build on our successful application for Archives Service Accreditation, by continuing to develop our collections and our contribution to Croydon's cultural offer. We also want to make real progress in diversifying our workforce and audiences, engaging more local people with the exciting projects taking place during Croydon's regeneration.

To find out more about our commitments and projects for this year, as well as a look at our achievements in the last twelve months, please see our Museum of Croydon Activity plan 2017-18.

Scroll down the page to see our current key policies and plans for previous years.

Key plans and policies:

To see how we contribute to Croydon Council's priorities, read the Museum of Croydon's medium-term plan, 2017-20.

To see how we manage and provide access to the London Borough of Croydon Archives, see our London Borough of Croydon Archives' Collections management policy framework and London Borough of Croydon Archives' Access policy.


To find out how we manage the museum collections, please read our Museum of Croydon Museum collections management framework.

You can still see previous versions of our Activity plans to see what we have promised and achieved in previous years: