I Am Here podcast collection

Photograph of podcasterA group of creative 14-24 year olds are currently working with the Museum of Croydon to identify and represent youth cultures.

The group produced podcasts based on objects in the Museum of Croydon in Spring 2010. Everyone chose two objects close to their heart that also said something about identity. The results are sometimes profound, sometimes funny, but always interesting.

Listen to each of the I Am Here podcasts by clicking on the links below

Shenice's podcast project introduction
Dammir's bubble car podcast
Hannah's steel pan podcast
Jasmin's water bottle podcast
Kadeem's tram sign podcast
Sinead's ice cream podcast
Tia's hairdryer podcast
Stacey's dance dress podcast
Jasmin's Whitgift Centre news podcast
Hannah's ID tag podcast
Shenice's television podcast
Dammir's fire helmet podcast
Sinead's Madame Jardine podcast
Kadeem's typewriter podcast
Stacey's Greyhound Hotel clock podcast
Tia's radio podcast

Stories of the World brand element You can also listen to the podcasts in the Museum of Croydon. Together they form an alternative tour of our collection. Just follow the Stories of the World logo around the gallery.

I Am Here is part of Stories of the World, one of the major projects at the heart of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The Cultural Olympiad began in 2008, and uses the power of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to inspire creativity across all forms of culture, especially amongst young people.

Click here to find out more about Stories of the World.

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