I Am Here

Film workshop

'I Am Here' follows 24 young people as they explore youth cultures and identities in Croydon. Their work shows these cultures from within, breaking down stereotypes and showcasing individual experiences. Using sound-recording, styling, film-making and photography they have captured something of what makes us who we are.

The group of creative 14-24 year olds worked with the Museum of Croydon and Ignite. The project titled 'I Am Here' involved podcasting, filming and exhibiting stories of youth identity and culture in Croydon.

Visit the I Am Here exhibition in the Museum of Croydon to see how it all came together.

I Am Here produced podcasts based on objects in the Museum of Croydon in Spring 2010. Everyone chose two objects close to their heart that also said something about identity. The results are sometimes profound, sometimes funny, but always interesting.

Find out more and listen to our full set of podcasts by following this link.

During the Summer of 2010 they spent four months hard at work making three short films looking at contemporary youth cultures in Croydon. What happens when an in-liner and a breakdancer meet? Is Croydon ready for cosplay? What do tattoos and piercing reveal about people? The films premiered in the David Lean Cinema at Croydon Clocktower on Monday 6 September.

Watch all three films by following this link.

Five young people created and curated the Beyond Skin exhibition which opened on 13 January 2011 in Space C at Croydon Clocktower. Through interviews and photographs explore different types of tattoos and the stories behind them.

Find out more about the Beyond Skin exhibition by clicking here.

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I Am Here is part of Stories of the World, one of the major projects at the heart of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The Cultural Olympiad began in 2008, and uses the power of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to inspire creativity across all forms of culture, especially amongst young people.
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