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You can use this page to see and hear almost all of the objects and stories which are displayed in the galleries.

You can view the objects in the time period they are displayed in the galleries; by theme; or by searching the collection.

Virtual Museum of Croydon Galleries

The links below allow you to see the objects and stories in the way they are displayed in the galleries.

1800 - 1899


1900 - 1938


1939 - 1959


1960 - 1979


1980 - Today


Croydon Now

Each object in the galleries has four pages of information: Show; Tell; Explain; Explore, which you can access by clicking on the tabs along the top of each page.

Screenshot of Museum of Croydon 'Show' Page

  • The Show page lets you see the object and read about what it is.

  • On the Tell page you will be able to read and listen to the story related to this object.

  • The Explain page explains the importance of the object.

  • The Explore page is designed to help you find out more about the object and the period of history it is related to.


We've also grouped together objects by Themes, such as LIFE and LOVE.

Use the Themes page to look at objects and stories over time and find out how they are related to each other.


Use this facility at the top of every page to enter words which you are looking for.

For example, if you want to see every object with the word Allders somewhere in the text, then type Allders in to the Search box.

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