Lace panel commemorating the Battle of Britain
This "Battle of Britain lace panel" was designed by Harry Cross and made by Dobsons and Browne of Nottingham between 1942 and 1946. It is one of a limited edition of less than 40. It was given to Croydon by the company to honour Croydon's part in the Battle of Britain. For many years it hung in the Parish Church. Other panels were given to King George VI, Winston Churchill, Beckenham, Sheerness, Southampton, London, Nottingham, the Royal Airforce Association, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.At the top of the panel are the maker's, designer's and draughtsmen's names and the Air Force badges of New Zealand, Canada, Britain, Australia and South Africa. In the centre, below the words ""The Battle of Britain"" sourrounded by flames, are the aircraft which flew in the Battle of Britain: a Spitfire; a Hurricane; Defiants; MEs; Stukkas and Dorniers. Beneath these are a country cottage and a mansion, symbolising that everyone was effected by the battle. Then there is an arch of roses, thistles and shamrocks and beneath that St Paul's Cathedral surrounded by flames. Then the houses of London above Churchill's words ""Never has so much been owed by so many to so few"". At the very bottom the RAF badge is surrounded by Tudor roses. Down each side of the panel are pictures of bomb damage in London. At the bottom of the left side there is a fighter pilot standing beside his plane and at the bottom of the right side an ack-ack gun and searchlights. The borders down the sides show acorns, daffodils, shamrocks, thistles and also ripening ears of corn to show the season of the Battle.
Object Name
commemorative item
1942 - 1946
Physical Description
Large panel of white cotton machine lace made to commemorate the Battle of Britain.
Height 4,520 mm, width 1,650 mm
whole: 4520 x 1650mm
Dobsons and M. Browne & Co. Ltd.
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