Gillett and Johnston Clock Dial
Early 1950s
A clock dial made by Gillett & Johnston, a firm of clock and bell manufacturers established in Croydon in 1844. The firm were famous and, at their foundry in Union Road, Thornton Heath, made clocks and bells for churches and public buildings all over the world, from the United States to the Middle East. The early 1950s were a boom time for Gillett & Johnston, who were called upon to restore many of the clocks and bells that had been silenced during the Second World War. They made the Freedom Bell, which was commissioned by the United States, cast in 1950 and hung in Berlin to commemorate Europe being liberated from the Nazis by the Allies in 1945. Gillett & Johnston closed their foundry in 1957 but the firm still trades from South Croydon.
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Early 1950s
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