Your Story is a system which you can use to send us your stories and pictures so they can be added to the Museum of Croydon website. Here's some ideas for stories you could develop and send in:

· Write about an object which represents your area
· Take some good pictures and make a photo-essay on a local theme
· Record memories of life in the area
· Write a poem or short story showing why the area is special
· Write up a report on a local history research project

After you submit your story it will be moderated by to make sure it is appropriate, then it will be added to the Museum of Croydon site for everyone to see. For more information on the project contact

Your Story
The Museum of Croydon is built
on the memories and stories of local people.

Do you have a memory or story
about Croydon to tell?

As part of our Autumn ’07 exhibition,
‘Whatever the Weather’,
we are particularly interested in hearing about
your stories and memories of weather in Croydon.

Follow these 4 simple steps
to tell us your story
and possibly see it published
on this website
for everyone to share.

Get writing straight away

Anyone can use Storyteller to send us a story. Got a story to tell?
start writing